I still vividly remember meeting Emily at that coffee shop for the very first time. She was in the beginning planning stages. I love seeing how all of the planning comes together, and getting to know the love story of each and every couple. These two got engaged right before Connor was offered the job opportunity of a lifetime. It was only temporary, but it happened to be in Israel. He works for Boeing, so airplanes have always played a special part in their relationship....but once he took this job...they would play an even bigger part. They took trip after trip halfway around the world for the past year. They made long distance look easy. Emily would always light up with excitement when she would tell me she was planning for another upcoming trip to see her fiance! I love seeing the way these two love each other! You can feel their adoration, passion and love by simply being around them for 5 minutes. Thank you both for having us there to capture your once in a lifetime day. We love you!