I have had the pleasure and honor of documenting a very special little guy throughout the past year and a half. Meet my sweet nephew, Roman. He is sure to steal your heart with his big brown eyes, chunky thighs, and scrunched nose smile. He has stolen all of our hearts from the moment we laid eyes on him. It is hard to believe that one year ago, today, we were all in that Labor & Delivery room at Mercy Hospital praying for him to take his first breath. He gave us all a good scare! Thank you Kayla & Robbie for allowing me to tag along for the journey to capture each and every feeling, moment, milestone, and sweetness of your boy. Robbie, you have made me more proud than I could ever tell you. Honestly, I am in awe of how wonderful of a Daddy you are. From the moments you were there holding Kayla's hand in the delivery room, to the moment you fed Roman his first bottle, to all the things you do to support your family....you have grown from the little guy that was my little brother into an incredible man. Kayla, Roman (& Robbie) are both so lucky to have you. Watching you become a mother has been so special as well. You were born to do this. You are so strong, independent, caring, BEAUTIFUL, funny, smart, and loving. I love you both. As we all know, they change SO MUCH throughout the first year, so here is a little walk down memory lane. Aunt Ashley loves you Roman!!!