As my husband packs up his gear for next week’s burning man festivities and chats with our camp mates about the upcoming plans, schedule and logistics, I can not help but to feel a tiny bit of FOMO begin to creep in. I have been to Black Rock Desert two times, and they were mind blowing experiences.

Every one always asks “WHAT is burning man?” or they just assume it is a bunch of psychadelic hippies on drugs….and although yes, you will certainly run into some of those people…..It is a beautiful mixture of everyone. A temporary city. An experiment in community. It is a culture based on 10 guiding principles. You can look all of that stuff up, but basically, it is a place free of judgement, bursting with creativity, empty of commerce and a beautiful break from your phone and the outside world. It is a culture.

It’s crazy how intensely you bond with your camp mates. I have only spent two full weeks collectively with these people, but they feel like family. They were at our wedding, and it just brings me that warm, fuzzy feeling even talking about them right now. I will miss all of them and all of it so much….but having two little ones, my FOMO of missing out on them is stronger this year. They are only little for such a little space in time, and I am not ready to leave them for 7-10 days. So to all of you burners out there, have a great burn for me!!!

Have fun in the desert, Chris! Love, Coolest & Best Wife Ever.